Meet Kate

Hi, my name is Kate, and I LOVE traveling! 

Kate Nunnally, The Explorer's Circle Founder and CEO

Throughout my journeys, I've had some great, and some not so great experiences, but through every moment I've learned, laughed, and have grown to be more confident in who I am and what I am capable of. During my journeys, I've learned more about the world and cultures around me. I can't tell you how enriching this process has been for me, and that's why my wish for you is to grow and learn about other people and cultures, as well as to learn how capable you are!

This was the sole reason for the creation of The Explorer's Circle back in 2019. Along with the fact that it can be difficult to plan what to bring for a trip, especially when you don't even know what you need or what travel supplies exist.

The Explorer's Circle gives me the chance to give back to those who are starting their journeys and to help them bring reliable travel supplies with them as small companions along the way.

So, stay curious, continue to learn, and never stop exploring. Book the ticket and get prepared.

Adventure awaits!



Kate's Reflections on Travel

Munich Germany Chinese Tower Biergarten

What is your favorite city to visit?

I have to admit, I'm very bias here because I lived here for 5 years; however, Munich still brings me so much joy every time I visit. Meeting old friends and making new ones at biergartens and walking and riding a bike around town just makes my heart warm. 

What are the essentials in your suitcase?

When traveling, I typically bring neutral colored clothing. This way it's easy to make outfits, no matter the change in weather, and it's typically timeless. I also like to bring an extra packing cube or two, just in case I want to bring something back home with me, I'll put all my clothes into the packing cubes, and it saves o much room in my bag for other items.

What passport stamp do you hope to get soon?

Japan, China or Thailand!

Do you have a particular souvenir you like to collect?

I simply adore art. Whether is it on canvas or made from pottery, I like to find artisans or antique shops that sell authentic craftsmanship items that remind me of the places I've been.

What hotel do you keep returning to?

Airbnb has been the platform where I have booked the majority of my lodgings for travel. There is such a range of options, and Airbnb makes it easy to find the price point and number of beds needed for your stay. Plus, staying in a home in a different city/country gives you a look into how life for locals is there.