The Power-Duo That Keeps My Phone Charged for Days at a Time

 The Power-Duo that Keeps my Phone Charged for Days at a Time

If you can relate to this picture below, then we'd probably be friends. 


My thoughts surrounding my battery life on my phone couldn't be more well put. As an experienced traveler, I cannot stress how wonderful having this portable power bank and USB cable bracelet has been not only as I travel, but also in my daily life. 

My love for this powerful-duo is due to it's accessibility and practicality, and has led me to write this post to tell you just how much I love these items. I know this pack is deemed 'travel accessories', but truth is, as I've been sitting at home over the past few months I've noticed just how useful these on-the-go items are also in my day to day life.

Portable Power Bank 10000mAh

I started using the power bank and cable bracelet when I set up shop at home. My desk and couch (my working areas) are both located in the middle of the room, and my normal charging cord just wouldn't reach me. So I brought out this duo, and it has made the task of charging my phone so convenient. It's wonderful because I can literally walk around the house while carrying my phone that is also charging at the same time. This power bank can charge my iPhone 7 up to 4x before having to recharge the actual power bank, which for power bank standards - if you haven't owned one before - is VERY good. (I'm currently testing out the iPhone 11, so stay tuned for updates!) 

USB Cable Bracelet

Another reason why I absolutely love this combo is because my power bank and iPhone fits so well in my hand, it makes it easy and convenient to carry around the house. I personally use the smaller white USB cable bracelet and have noticed that it is quite flexible, and becomes even more so as time goes on. The USB cable is designed so that you can wear it on your wrist as a bracelet when you aren't using it, but honestly, it fits so well together with the power bank in my clutch, that I hardly ever separate the two. Having the option though is so nice. 


Power Bank and USB Cable Bracelet


So there you have it - this power-duo has made my travel days and everyday life so much easier, and I simply wanted to share with you this great find. I hope you enjoy your new charging experience just as much as I've enjoyed mine. 

May your battery never be below 10%!


The Power Duo the Keeps My Phone Charged for Days at a Time The Power-Duo: Power Bank and Cable Bracelet Power Duo : Power Bank and Cable Bracelet

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