Microfiber Beach Towel - Mai Tai

Microfiber Beach Towel - Mai Tai

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Lightweight, easy to fit into any bag, great colors and dries up to three times faster than standard cotton towels! Microfiber towels are the way to go! 

Not your standard towel - microfiber towels are known for having many benefits:

- Dries 3x faster than cotton towels. Therefore, you can swim and shower the day you have to pack your bag!

- Sand-free meaning sand doesn't get stuck in the fibers. Now you can stop shaking your towel to get the sand out - and in the process getting sand on everyone else!

- Compact and lightweight! Takes up way less space than cotton towels since the materials it's made out of is thin. So now you can easily fold multiple beach towels into the same beach tote as well as have a much easier time packing them in your suitcase. 

Dimensions: 34"W x 70"H

Care: Machine wash separately in cold water before using, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry Low. Do not iron or bleach.

Material: Polyester & Polymide