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Luxe Turkish Towel - Melon

Luxe Turkish Towel - Melon

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Have you ever felt a towel so soft? 

The fabric is made from 100% premium, yarn-dyed, Turkish cotton which comes pre-washed - making it super soft to the touch. The towel is hand-woven and Azo Free Certified. The size is 39.25" x 70.75" (100cm x 180cm) + fringes. Very soft and especially structured to absorb water better.

What's the difference between a Turkish towel and a regular cotton towel? Turkish towels are made with Turkish cotton, which usually has longer strands - making the towel stronger and the weave flatter. Turkish towels are also lightweight and thinner, allowing it to dry faster as well. Lastly, Turkish towels are usually a little bit larger than the typical cotton towel.



Dimensions: 39.25" x 70.75" (100cm x 180cm)

Material: 100% premium Turkish cotton